Who Owns Alpacas

owners2There are many reasons why so many people across the United States are investing into alpacas. Ownership is not limited to doctors, lawyers, accountants and veterinarians, but also handcraft artisans, city dwellers, celebrities, and families everywhere. Many have decided that alpacas are right for them.

Alpaca ownership patterns are not as distinguishable as in other livestock industries. People of widely diverse lifestyles are attracted singularly to alpacas, with many different motives for ownership. As recognition grows, so does the number of people who find this unique creature to be a brilliant source of income and the right fit for their lifestyle. The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) reports the following list of typical owners:

  • Entire families
  • Young couples with children
  • Retired couples
  • Hand-Spinners
  • Veterinarians
  • Families where one spouse works and the other manages the farm
  • Working couples who take care of the animals in the evening
  • City Dwellers who “agist” (board) alpacas

And those are just the more common examples. People from all walks of life are alpaca owners and breeders. Many people all over the world have decided that alpacas are an exciting and profitable venture.

The Basics/The Benefits


  • Alpaca breeding is an alternative lifestyle with strong income potential.
  • Alpaca ownership creates a wide array of tax benefits.
  • Alpaca farming is a fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Alpaca ownership can include 2 alpacas to thousands!
  • Alpacas provide a diversification in your financial portfolio.
  • Alpacas create a commodity that is both rare and in demand worldwide.
  • Alpacas are considered the “Aristocrat” of all farm animals.
  • Alpacas produce a luxury product that is in high demand. Textiles produced from fleece are known in
  • he fashion centers of New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.
  • Alpacas have a charismatic manner and do well on small acreage.
  • Alpacas live a relatively long and trouble-free reproductive lifespan.


Are You Ready?