The Future of Alpacas

Did you know?

There are 221,580 alpacas in the United States as of June 2013!

history1Supply and Demand
Price is always a result of supply and demand. With a long gestation period and the inability to import, demand for alpacas has steadily increased every year. This growing trend is clearly illustrated in the climbing numbers of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association Membership (AOBA). When AOBA was established in 1988, only 87 members with less than 400 alpacas were involved. In 2012, the association has become representative of a billion dollar industry, claiming 3,865 members owning more than 204,530 + alpacas, and this is only the beginning!

The price range that can be found in one’s initial search may be lower or higher than the average cost range published by AOBA (see Table 2). This said: The key for capitalizing on this growing industry is in purchasing quality alpacas. Price of an animal will depend on conformation , fleece qualities, positive proven heritable traits, bloodlines, sex, age, and pregnancy status.  In today’s economy, the alpaca industry is extremely strong.   See current auction sales prices below.  You be the judge!

This represents the high selling alpacas sold at recent auction.  Many other alpacas were sold at similar prices!

2013 Futurity  Auction
Highest Selling Huacaya Female $70,000
Highest Selling Huacaya Male $72,000

2012 POC Auction

Highest Selling Female 32,000
Highest Selling Male 100,000
Other high Selling Males 70,000
 Recent Auction Highs
Snowmass Making of Champions Private Selection Sale.     Male Herd Sire $125,000
Snowmass Making of Champions Private Selection Sale.       Maiden $65,000
Snowmass Average Sale $29,875
2012 TNT Priority Sale.    Maiden $26,500
Highest selling Female $35,500
Highest selling Male $88,000
Data taken from Celebrity Sales

These prices are the highs.  There are alpacas for every pocket book so please do not be intimidated by these numbers!  We just want to illustrate that quality counts.  Try to purchase the best alpaca(s) you can!

As you can see, the American Alpaca Industry is growing. Demand for premium quality animals is evidenced by the price the public is willing to pay. The quality of animal with excellent conformation and exceptional fleece characteristics continues to rise as well. American breeding practices are setting the stage for future fiber processing on a nationwide scale.

Average Price of Alpacas
Cost (in U.S. dollars)
Non-breeding male
2,000- 8,000
Bred Female
5,000- 20,000
Herd sire
10,000 and up